Retail Product Support

  • Professional item demonstration
  • Active Support of order
  • Consumer care support
  • Online chat & social media assurance
  • Light accomplishment

 Hardware & Software

  • Submissions in addition to third party integrations
  • Consumer support desk
  • System observing to remotely check sites from a few geographic checking stations at chosen interims
  • Effective technical support

 Online Education

  • Technical assurance for classroom
  • Abutment for itinerary & register listing
  • For students and faculty there is network support
  • Resets for password

 Food & Beverage

  • Demonstration of components
  • Support of customer
  • Coupon accomplishment
  • Certification of incidents
  • Support for recall

 Healthcare & Medical

  • Medical Plan with cover of insurance support
  • Services of Appointment
  • Directory done through online and numerous benefits Triage Support
  • Front desk health facility
  • Medicinal smart device and application assurance

 Marketing Support

  • Verification of the Lead information
  • Surveys leads to fulfillment
  • No indirect answer

 Service Industries

  • Active listing of events
  • Hospitality is assured
  • Proper management of leasing & possessions

 Telecom & ISP

  • Effectual tech support for Fiber internet services, VOIP and IPTV services
  • Customer care desk

 Outsourced Agents

  • Experienced and trained agents
  • Outsourced agents are there for inContact

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life;
                              – it’s about what you inspire others to do.”


General Support & Solution

We give a full administration call focus answer for your business with our Agents taking care of all purposes of contact. This choice is exceedingly adaptable. We work intimately with you to guarantee that your business culture and needs are completely spoken to in all regions amid the on boarding procedure and setup. We guarantee that the Agent portrayal you get is the thing that you really need to help boost your development potential. We give a full administration call focus answer for your business with our Agents taking care of all purposes of contact.

Systematic Support & Solution

We furnish your organization with the cloud contact focus programming that enables to use your current help group in an in-house call focus type condition. We will walk you through the setup and execution of the stage. We work intimately with you to guarantee that your business culture and needs are completely spoken to in all regions amid the on boarding procedure and setup. We guarantee that the Agent portrayal you get is the thing that you genuinely need to help amplify your development potential.

Important Support & Solution

This alternative is very adjustable. This resolution makes a mixed group of your current help group and our own. We give you the total bundle from Solution Two or more our Dedicated Agents. It includes an extra layer of genuine feelings of serenity as you control when and how the call volume streams to our Agents. This likewise implies your flood is recorded in indistinguishable revealing logs and configuration from the calls your in-house Agents take. They are proficient to offer premium services and our inbound agents are efficient to clear all relevant data to you.

Ultimate Support & Solution

You have become a call center of your own, perhaps you are having your own support team or you are looking for call brim over assistance. In this situation, your calls are forwarded to our agents on our platform. This turns to be great resolution form that comprises of post time and weekend assistance that you do not favor to attend. This you do not prefer for small-scale offices where assistance team is frequently on the go or diverted with other tasks. We offer a higher level of help than most contenders for littler set-ups at a superior price point.


24*7 of 365 days

Our team operates and works round the clock without cost i.e. free of charges with the end goal to meet our US-based customers worldwide help needs. Because of innovation life and business frequently go astray from the conventional business hours, so can your help.

US Based Support – Our Agents

The agents present in our both remote as well as in-house are positioned inside the US and are in employment directly by KumarAlpha Call Center. The dedicated technicians and agents demonstrate high-touch phone ability, outstanding on paper skills and are recognizable with today’s technology. With the help of tactical controls and technologically improved checked systems we administer an atmosphere that improves our employees’ strength and agenda permitting them to bring ingenuity, suppleness and live performances to their jobs.

Dedicated or Blended Agent Models

Devoted Agents are an extraordinary decision for high volume accounts that are either educationally concentrated and require benefit levels over the 80/30 offered through our Blended help. Regularly our customer’s layer in flood or after-hours support utilizing our Blended Agent alternatives to cover brings down volume times when a dedicated agent can’t be completely used.

Skill-based Routing

With the utilization of our contact center software, we are capable of delivering numerous communique channels. These comprise inbound and outbound phone, email, chat, SMS, dialers, as well as social media support.

Account Management

The managers of Frontline call centers are well-skilled specialists who act as a lean-to of your company. These dedicated individuals are hard working as well as proficient that bring in the variegated skills, expertise as well as energy to any project or campaign that is assisted by Frontline. A few account managers select to work from remote home offices thereby permitting elasticity as well as a higher retention rate at the time when others work from our main office. Our account managers have the expertise to answer any call that is in progress at just a single click. The clients get benefitted by the agents by utilizing a protected secure online chat process. All types of upper management are chosen in part for the multi-tasking talents along with the capability to monitor agent chats. The agents have the right to ask questions as well as cross verify data with other team members, supervisors, managers, or registered staff within your company.

Admin Support

Besides conventional outsourced assistance via Phone, chat, and email we also proffer administrative services. These, in turn, can comprise one-off assignments, data information collection, software representations, and consignment or vendor management as well as content writing.

Light Satisfaction

The KumarAlpha call center is dedicated to proffer light satisfaction services and these services comprise conveying coupons, small substitute parts, and also go back wrapping for quality control of products.

Consultation Services

KumarAlpha Call Center is different both in the administrations we offer yet in addition because of our experience and industry situating. We realize call focuses and have won honors for our abilities. Our CEO, Jill Blankenship, and supervisory crew are knowledgeable about making bolster answers for new and rising innovation. Hourly and on location discussion is accessible for the setup of your record with our middle, utilizing our redistributed operators or the setup of your own call focus utilizing inContact.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With regards to everything client care, your CRM or database can be your most important resource. Whenever clients, contacts, and associations are recorded or logged by both the organization specifically and the operators giving the help it makes to straightforwardness in taking care of with consistent continuous first call goals. Call Dispositions can be tied in with your CRM with the end goal to recognize development territories.

Toll-Free and Local Numbers

We are equipped for facilitating your current number, giving toll-free, nearby or genuine 800 telephone numbers. Worldwide telephone numbers are likewise accessible. On the off chance that you might want to hold coordinate responsibility for the current number for advertising purposes we can give sending numbers and aptitude the calls as needs are so they can be followed against your showcasing efforts.

Transparency in Support

The KumarAlpha Call Center Community 2.0 changed the manner in which our Agents cooperate with our Clients data and information to improve things. Utilizing The Community we can give significant record explicit data on a need to realize premise utilizing completely accessible and effectively refreshed Community pages. This educational inquiry capacity gives us a ton of flex in having the capacity to prepare specialists to free content, making calls stream as normally as could reasonably be expected while enabling Agents to catch data accurately, cross reference different regions without bouncing content and to give a first call goal as frequently as could be allowed. It enables our customers to tune in to calls and draw call logs with measurements on interest.

Surveys & Outbound Call Campaigns

The outbound part to client care is frequently regarded as the appalling advance sister when in all actuality it tends to be an extraordinary chance to construct supportable correspondence and lifespan with new or existing customers and clients. While we are not Telemarketers we do offer Data Verification for refreshing lead records or CRM, Event Notification/Registration and computerized or manual Surveys.

Customized IVR

An IVR is far beyond press 1 for Customer Care or 3 for a Company Directory by name. We approach it as setting the phase for a fruitful cooperation that underpins your organization image. With the capacity to alter the messages, music and choices played it very well may be custom fitted to feel like a coordinated piece of your business. Robotized get back to alternatives, self-benefit squeeze ways and hold choices like music or news on interest are a couple of the choices accessible to improve the guest’s understanding.

Third Party Translation Services

The true fact to be discussed is language barriers are not favorable to business purposes. Our company partners with the language service associates in order to make interpretation services for many languages cost-effective and pragmatic. The task of our agent begins from dialing a dedicated number, typing a unique code of access to requesting the interpreter. Within some time, a skilled interpreter joins the call bringing a completely understood caller experience.

Committed Bilingual Support

Notwithstanding the on interest outsider understanding, we offer bilingual speakers as a major aspect of our Dedicated Agent display. While our customers esteem the way that our Agents are local English speakers different dialects are usually talked all through the US. Numerous organizations likewise have business elements in different nations that should be bolstered or spoke with frequently.